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bookhardA Song in the Wind: A Near Death Experience

With one foot planted in the spiritual realm, Sharon shares many amazing experiences involving Jesus, angels, and spiritual guides in A Song in the Wind. Learning volumes, Sharon connects their teachings to her own family, relationships, pain, and triumphs. Sharon invites you to soar with her to heaven and back again. In this shared journey, she invites you to see miracles through the ordinary and extraordinary.

“Great read. Highly recommended. Secrets to deep spiritual concepts. I couldn’t put the book down. A Song in the Wind is compelling, emotional, informative, and most of all, uplifting. While reading, I felt as if I was there with Sharon every step of the way. A must-read and is the book of a lifetime” (Debbie Butler BSc [Hons] Psych, MBPsS).


Book Review

Sharon is an emerging voice in the NDE community. Her book talks extensively about her multiple death experiences, but more importantly, shares the thoughts and feelings many have found difficult to explain. This is a journey of discovery in the first person; once you pick it up, you will have trouble putting it down. Note: this review is based on an advanced copy of her book, but I highly recommend you buy a copy for yourself and one for someone you may know who is curious…or concerned…about a “near-death experience”. Debi Brady