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A Song in the Wind: A Near Death Experience

My book is the story of my spiritually-active life, from early childhood on through to the present, and focuses on my near-death experiences and how they would eventually enrich my spiritual path. My story takes place primarily in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

At the age of 13, while taking swimming lessons at the YMCA, I drowned in the ten-foot end of the pool and had my first NDE. At the age of 15, I began having visitations with Jesus as well as other spiritual beings, and many apparitions. The first time Jesus appeared was in the back of a church; four other women saw Him as well. He was very good about having witnesses around for validation.

Then, in 2005, I was struck by lightning while sitting on my back patio, talking on the phone. The lightning stopped my heart. I died, went to heaven, and met my two brothers, who had died as babies. I had a life review. I saw and spoke with Jesus. After my conversation with Jesus, He walked me to a wooded glen where I met and sat with God. We had a conversation where much love and wisdom was imparted. After our conversation was completed, two angels led me to a calm lake and proceeded to show me future events that where to take place on earth. This was a profound NDE. Since 2005, there have been many more visitations with Jesus. There have been visits from angels, spiritual guides, and other spirits.

My story describes my two near-death experiences and subsequent journey of spiritual growth. Specifically, I carefully describe what lies beyond life after death and passionately speak to the ultimate and ever-present love of God. My transformative experiences continue throughout the text.  With one foot planted in the spiritual realm, I share my many amazing experiences. From these lessons, I strive to apply their spiritual teachings to the reader’s life. I share about my family, my relationships, my pain, and my triumphs, and also discuss the many aftereffects that come from having near-death experiences.

I hope you enjoy.